Governance and Controls

Help Foundation is a registered organisation under the Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration & Control) Ordinance, 1961 (XLVI of 1961) through the Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Punjab.The statutory documents are available upon request.


The Executive Body of seven members and the General Body of 20 persons supervises the organisation. The Executive Body (Board of Management) comprises the President, Vice President-I, Vice President-II, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Finance Secretary, and Information Secretary. The General Body appoints the Executive Body, and Executive Body appoints the President and other office bearers. HELP Foundation holds elections for the office bearers’ rotation every three years.Currently, General Body has 06 women and 14 men, and Executive Body 01 women and 06 men. The details of the Executive Body and General Body are available upon request.


Organisational Administrative Controls and Procedures

The General Body approves a manual for the Financial and Administrative Operations, which applies to every professional proceeding of the organisation. A copy of the latest Manual is available upon request.


On the board’s behalf, the President heads the organisation symbolically. Besides Programme Team, the organisation also has (1) MEAL Department, (2) Admin & Human Resources, (3) Finance, and (4) Logistics & Procurement teams. Manager Programmes is the overall management head of the organisation and supervise all teams. The Manager Programmes works under the board’s direction and the advice of the President.


HELP Foundation has adopted a 3-dimension internal control system, i.e. Programme Monitoring &E valuation, Administrative Controls and Financial Controls.


Programme Monitoring & Evaluation: department consists of a Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) team. The team continuously monitor the progress, effectiveness and impact of the project interventions. HELP Foundation also has an organisational culture to continually assess and improve the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the interventions in day-to-day operations.


Administrative controls: check the optimum utilisation of organisational and donor resources to ensure effective and result-oriented utilisation.


On the side of financial control, a committee consisting of the Finance Manager, Manager Programmes and the relevant Project Manager regularly checks and takes corrective actions in financial matters. Moreover, HELP Foundation has a well-reputed Chartered Accountant Firm to advise on control-related issues.


In addition to the above, the community representatives (women and men) promote a culture of mutual accountability, transparency and openness in the internal control system.