HELP Foundation’s vision is of a world in which all the human beings are empowered to quest and realize their rights with justice and dignity to lead and progress.


To overcome poverty and sufferings through a process that unites people for making collective efforts to create enabling environment to work for common interests.


  1. Enabling the disaster affected communities to enhance their resilience against the natural and human-made disasters and build strong linkages with disaster management authorities.
  2. To enhance the capacities of marginalized groups of community to participate in and benefit from the integrated development process through strengthening their community platforms, groups, associations and societies etc.
  3. Enabling marginalized communities to catalyze food security & nutrition, poverty alleviation and raise voice for their basic rights.
  4. Bridging the gap between the state and the citizens and within different groups of the citizens through promoting diversity, harmony and integration, imparting civic education, developing linkages and building confidence
  5. Promoting human rights and interests of the deprived people through research, awareness and advocacy.