Organizational Philosophy

HELP Foundation is a rights-based organisation. We believe in the equality of human beings irrespective of citizenship status, social, economic, ethnic, physical status (disability/ability), age, religion or sexual orientation. We organise citizens in viable social organisations to claim their rights in line with the Constitution of Pakistan (1973). Besides organising citizens, we also contribute and develop the capacity of the duty-bearers to meet their obligations under Pakistan’s policies, procedures and laws. Our working principles are Participation, Accountability, Non-Discrimination and Equality, Empowerment and Legality. The community-based approach and working with the Government and other stakeholders enabled Help Foundation to deliver humanitarian and development assistance since 2007. Our vision is a Pakistani society where the inalienable human rights of every citizen, refugee, and stateless person are secure, and the State of Pakistan has the capacity and political will to deliver its obligations under the Constitution of Pakistan and ratified international covenants. Our Overall Objective is to reduce human losses and suffering, besides strengthening the livelihoods of communities living in the disaster-prone areas of Pakistan. To achieve the Overall Objective, Help Foundation has four Primary Strategies. The strategies include  (1) organising the communities, (2) establishing and strengthening platforms for primary stakeholders (mainly Government, private businesses and local communities) to hold dialogue and develop a shared understanding about issues and challenges (policy level dialogues), (3) capacity building, (4) piloting for potential scale-ups and linkages with market and Government. We ensure that all our programmes include these primary strategies. Help Foundation has an integrated Programme under the Overall Objective. The programme components are the following:

Climate Change and Resilience

Our Climate Change and Resilience Programme assists local communities living in disaster-prone areas to adapt their lives and livelihoods to the changing climate and protect against increasing risks of disaster caused by climate change. We also strive to ensure that communities become more educated, aware of and resilient to the plan able and unplanned climate shocks. Under the Climate Change and Resilience Programme, HELP Foundation responds to humanitarian crises and contributes toward recovery and rehabilitation efforts besides strengthening people’s livelihoods. We are currently implementing our four core organisational strategies (see Page 2) under the Climate Change and Resilience Programme.

Agriculture, Food and Water Programme

HELP Foundation has an integrated Agriculture, Food and Water Programme in which we work with the local communities to strengthen their agricultural and water management practices, improve the marketing of farm products, and enhance food security and access to safe drinking water.